A blend of expertise from high finance and banking, alongside entrepreneurship and startup ventures

Rhino was established by Uri Shmueli from TLV CAPITAL, Erez Sagmen from Financia Group and Elad Magen.


The name "Rhino Capital"

We admire the awe-inspiring strength and fortitude of Rhinos. Rhinos are the epitome of raw power and resilience. They embody the quintessential example of what it means to possess rare strength.

Whether running at full speed or playfully frolicking near a glistening watershed, these creatures – often referred to as a "crash" due to their impressive potential – exude an unmistakable aura of strength and dominance. The rhino's imposing figure is often met with a sense of awe and wonder, inspiring those around them with a sense of courage and determination.

Despite the common belief that unicorns are simply gray rhinos, we at Rhino find this comparison to be whimsical and entertaining. We're confident in our ability to transform a "rhinoceros company" into a unicorn company – or, at the very least, a lucrative enterprise – by leveraging our cutting-edge models and innovative strategies. We firmly believe that with dedication, ingenuity, and hard work, any company can achieve success and fulfill its true potential.

Financial innovation

At Rhino, we believe that every investment opportunity requires a bespoke model and structure that is tailored to its unique characteristics. To implement our innovative risk management strategies, we utilize advanced certificate structures that blend market-aligned investments with intelligent hedging and diversification tactics.


Our investment models are engineered with a distinctive approach to risk management that decentralizes investments across various categories of ETFs or other financial instruments. This sophisticated method is designed to safeguard against market fluctuations and enhance overall returns, delivering superior outcomes for our clients.


Partnering with some of the largest banking entities in the world, our expert team is capable of issuing a vast array of financial products that exist in the market. We approach each product or service with a rigorous evaluation process to determine the most appropriate financial structure that aligns with the unique goals of our clients. At Rhino, we strive to provide a personalized investment experience that is unmatched in the industry.


Senia Waldberg

PR & Marketing

Itai Tomer

Startup program manager

Ayelet Steinberg

Chairwoman of the investment committee, manager of startup activities

Elad Magen


Shahar Sobol


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