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How do you get only AAA companies?

To select startups that are candidates for investment, we built a dynamic process consisting of 3 main stages:

1. Acceptance of companies that have undergone a test and acceleration process at Reino or through the collaborations we established with CVP, TLV VC, MENTOR and more.
2. Performing an internal Gantt check to ensure that the profit/risk goals are appropriate for the investment.
3. Construction of a funds allocation model that allows rapid allocation of funds for rapid growth in accordance with the map of goals for the development of the company in the next 3 years.

We aspire to invest in companies that change the world, but currently focus on: consumer e-commerce and retail, medical devices, home appliances, urban tech, next-generation logistics, supply chain services, cloud technologies, food and agriculture technologies, green technologies, advanced materials, Biotechnology and more.


Gantt verification

A Gantt chart is a chart used to describe activities with the relationships between them while specifying the time of each activity.

Reino's unique Gantt test process is used by us to decide whether a startup company is suitable for investment and to what extent.

The process takes about 200 hours of CFO, analyst, general technical advisor and professional technical advisor work and analysis of business models of market penetration and growth rate data of competitors in similar market areas/products.

The test is tailor-made for each company in which we choose to invest. The product of the test is a deep understanding of:
* A budget is required until the company enters profits.
* Profit targets and budgets are required by a road map and a schedule of time targets.
* Revenue projections in the chosen market penetration model and examination of additional models to generate rapid growth.
* Understanding the stages of development required in the company's operation until it becomes independent (does not need additional fundraising) from a logistical and organizational point of view in front of the budget analyses.

Advanced market analysis

By leveraging advanced market analysis and data derived from the real world, our process empowers us to identify clear potential among cherry-picked companies out of a many. Through this sophisticated approach, we are able to pinpoint those that exhibit the greatest promise for investors seeking to maximize their returns.


Our selection process is designed to identify companies with the greatest potential for growth and success, filtering out those that do not meet our criterias. By carefully analyzing market data and conducting in-depth research, we are able to pinpoint opportunities that others may overlook, providing our investors with a distinct advantage.


At the heart of our process is a commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to identifying opportunities. 


Growth Feeder

The Feeder control the rate of cash burning against the target plan and the speed of market penetration, thus control the allocation of funds and reduces the exposure of the invested capital to risks and market conditions.

The model enables liquid financing for companies to accelerate the pace of establishing cash flow in the company managed by budgetary control.

The model uses the investors' money in a liquid investment basket with leading funds until they are called by the startups.

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